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Bring Your Own Phone

Bring your unlocked phone to Viya and set yourself free with one of our new plans. Unlock access to the best 4G LTE network in the Virgin Islands.

Questions About Bringing Your Own Device?

How do I know if my phone is eligible?

Bring your phone into a Viya Customer Experience Center near you and one of our qualified representatives will be able to determine if your phone is eligible. Most unlocked GSM devices should work on Viya’s network.

Will I need a new phone number?

You have a choice of porting an existing phone number in your name from another provider OR receive a brand new phone number when you activate your device on Viya’s 4G LTE netowrk. Choose any one of Viya’s affordable monthly plans of $40 or more and get the most coverage in the Virgin Islands plus one month of service FREE.

What plans are available when I bring my own phone?

Choose from any Viya Flex monthly prepaid plans of $40 or more.

How do I unlock my phone?

  • Sometimes if the phone is locked it may still be under financial obligation from the previous carrier. If you need to resolve the financial obligation, please contact the previous carrier to resolve.
  • Viya is not able to unlock your phone, but an electronic store in the area may be able to perform this service for you.
  • Unlocking your phone will not necessarily make it operable on the Viya network and unlocking a phone may enable some functionality of the phone but not all. Please bring your device to a Viya store near you and one of our Customer Service Representatives will able to help you determine the compatibility of your device.