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Viya wifi+ FAQs

Is Viya WiFi+ a stand alone product?

Viya WiFi+ is not a stand alone product. Instead, it is a companion product that requires Viya Home Internet. Viya WiFi+ provides seamless WiFi coverage throughout your home so that you experience stronger, more consistent coverage.

Can I use Viya WiFi+ with another internet service provider?

Viya WiFi+ is only compatible with Viya Home Internet. Please visit to learn more about our Home Internet plans.

What is the difference between SuperPods® and PowerPods®?

The SuperPod® provides superior performance while working together with PowerPods®. It features two Ethernet ports and comes with tri-band technology which helps provide faster speeds than the dual-band PowerPod®.

Does Viya Wifi+ replace my router?

WiFi+ can replace your current router, but is flexible enough to also work with your existing router. You need to connect one of the SuperPods by Ethernet to your Viya modem to make it work. If you keep your router, be sure to turn off your WiFi. Don’t forget to turn off your Viya modem WiFi as well.

What makes Wifi+ different from my traditional WiFi router or extender?

Single router WiFi systems can give you the speed you need as long as you’re close enough to the router. WiFi extenders or repeaters can improve coverage, but are often complicated, unreliable, and degrade performance. Wifi+ replaces your current router and gives you reliable and consistent WiFi coverage and speed in every room within your home.

How many pods do I need?

The number of pods you need will vary depending on the size and layout of your home, wall material (i.e. concrete vs. drywall) and the number of floors you would like to cover. For best results, please use our recommendation tool so we can help you determine the correct number of pods customized for your individual needs.

Can I use SuperPods® with PowerPods®?

Yes! SuperPods® work together with your PowerPods® to distribute WiFi across your entire home! If you have both SuperPods® and PowerPods®, make sure the higher performance SuperPod® is connected to your modem/router to ensure the fastest, strongest coverage.

What makes Adaptive WiFi so much better than Mesh WiFi?

Plume® Adaptive WiFi puts the intelligence in the cloud, where computing power and memory are virtually limitless. A super-intelligent network is constantly learning and adapting to each user’s patterns of usage and interference to configure what works best in each home. It calculates the best attachment point for each client in the home and maneuvers the clients into those connections.  It learns the behavior of individual devices, enabling it to detect viruses and malware. In short, rather than just getting the network connected any old way, it maximizes the performance of the network, and thereby the satisfaction of the users.

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