The following is a selection of highlights from the restoration work Viya has been doing or completed the week of October 20-7, 2017 on the islands of St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John. Viya crews are dispatched seven days a week assigned to teams including clean-up, running fiber/fiber splicing, wireless tower and network repair, generator fueling and maintenance, damage assessment, daily hotspot verification and channel restoration. Viya continues to work in tandem with WAPA, following their line crews as they remove and replace poles to ensure critical fiber lines are not damaged and can be restrung. Viya has taken on close to 50 local contractors to assist in the extensive cleanup in addition to bringing in specialized off-island techs, splicer crews and assessment teams to support the efforts.


  • Fiber was connected in Subbase to assists the FEMA ships and spliced for Winward Passage hotel.
  • Troubleshooting performed on the circuit for Scotia Bank on Waterfront in St. Thomas
  • Fiber was raised for Tropical Shipping in Subbase St. Thomas
  • A firmware upgrade was completed at the Cable headend to bring up Channel 8


  • Cleanup crews in St. Croix were able to complete clearing Government Parking Lot, VITEMA, Sunny Isles, Feeder 5, LBJ Pump Station and Carib Villa
  • Cleanup crews in St. Thomas continued clearing in Fortuna/Bordeaux area, and completed Solberg
  • Generator maintenance was completed in St. John on Pastorey and Cruz Bay to power Central Office and hotspots


  • Wreak out was completed on Cruz Bay/ Mongoose Junction and the National Park
  • Fiber splicing was completed for Merchant’s Bank, Pueblo Supermarket, Scotia Bank
  • An assessment was completed for fiber at the Ritz Carlton and fiber lines were secured at UVI
  • Fiber and HFC lines were secured in F’Sted Town, Sion Farm and JFK Project in St. Croix


  • STJ assessment team worked with line crews to continue documenting damage and repair needs
  • In St. Thomas, finber was spliced and run to Home Depot, Antilles Gym (FEMA) and the department of Labor
  • Clearing continued in Fortuna/ Bordeaux, Anna’s Retreat and Frydenhoj near the Armory, Lindberg Bay and Frenchtown to remove cables from resident’s property. Poles were also removed from the Smith Bay areas and cleared with cables from the Fort Christian Parking Lot


  • Surveying continued for VI Cargo, The Palms at Pelican Cove, Tropical Shipping and the STX Avis in St. Croix, also for Coral World in St. Thomas
  • Cables were secured along Queen Mary Highway, in Gallows Bay, La Grande Princesses and La Reine
  • Fiber splicers worked on WTJX and alongside WAPA crews C’sted Town Feeder 2-A, 5 and Feeder 4a which service Red Brick, Richmond Area, Est. Ruby, Hospital JLH, Peppertree, Mill Harbour, Colony Cove, Kennedy Barren Spot, Strawberry, Ginger Thomas


  • A new pole was placed to secure fiber and HFC service in Christiansted Town
  • Fiber and HFC cables were attached to WAPA poles in Sunny Acres, St. Croix
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