VIYA Restoration Update

The following is a selection of highlights from the restoration work Viya has been doing or completed the during the period of October 28 – November 6, 2017 on the islands of St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John. Viya crews are dispatched seven days a week assigned to teams including clean-up, running fiber/fiber splicing, wireless tower and network repair, generator fueling and maintenance, damage assessment and daily hotspot verification and channel restoration. Viya continues to work in tandem with WAPA, following their line crews as they remove and replace poles to ensure critical fiber lines are not damaged and can be restrung. Viya has taken on close to 50 local contractors to assist in the extensive cleanup in addition to bringing in 23 new crews of specialized technicians, splicers and assessment teams who will distributed among all three islands to help expedite restoration.


  • Fiber was verified throughout Christiansted, Mont Bijou and Sion Farm
  • 911PSAP was restored for emergency services
  • Fiber lines were spliced in St. Croix for The Divi Casino & Hotel as well as US Customs at the St. Croix airport
  • Fiber lines to Cheney Bay were checked for cuts
  • Splicing crews followed alongside WAPA, securing and splicing lines in:
    • Red Brick, Richmond Area, Estate Ruby, the Hospital, Peppertree, Mill Harbour, Colony Cove, Kennedy, Barren Spot, Strawberry and Ginger Thomas
    • Feeder 2-A, Christiansted
    • Feeder 5, Estate Ruby, Peppertree Terrace
    • Feeder 4A, Golden Rock to Subway
    • Bonne Esperance
  • Viya lead contracted clean-up crews in clearing and removing cables from:
    • Kinghill to Baron Spot / Strawberry
    • Christiansted Town
    • Frederiksted Town site for parade route
    • The school grounds in Mars Hill
  • Cables were secured and transferred to new poles in St. John and Tide Village
  • Both USPS and the AT&T Store in Sunny Isle were migrated to a T1 line
  • Cell site poles were secured in Upper Love, Frederiksted, Fountain and Cane Bay
  • The Viya’s Wireless Network Team was busy preparing the new 4GLTE network – adjusting towers and aligning antennas. Climbing crews attached stiff arms and made other upgrades to cell towers in Sandy Point, Little Princesses, Mountain, Cane Bay and Boetzberg
  • Restoration of Cable TV service has progressed as follows:
    • Carambola mini Head End service was completed
    • Testing is being completed in Christiansted and Mon Bijou which are currently receiving signal
    • The video switch in Frederiksted was restored


  • Fiber run was completed to Banco Popular in Fort Mylner, The Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Antilles School, the Department of Finance, Property and Procurement as well as for the AT&T store in Crown Bay
  • Fiber run is still in progress for the Ritz Carlton, A&A Supplies, Ranger America, FEMA at the old Scotiabank location and along the route from Nazareth to Tutu
  • The Coast Guard was installed with HPBX Voice over IP Service
  • Pole counts were completed for Hill Crest, Smith Bay, Stalley and Frenchtown
  • A new circuit was installed and fiber rebuild completed for WSTA radio in Subbase
  • Voice service for Merchant’s Bank in Tutu was restored
  • Viya lead contracted clean-up crews in clearing and removing cables from:
    • Smith Bay: completed Coki point to Frydendahl
    • Fortuna/ Bordeaux
    • Anna’s Retreat
    • Estate Thomas, Altona, West Gunst (with WAPA)
    • Mandahl
    • Bonne Esperance
    • Skyline
    • Frenchtown
    • Hull Bay
    • Banner Hill
    • Mountain Top
    • Scott Free
  • Viya’s Wireless Network Team repaired antennas and worked on microwaves for cell sites in Bovoni, Altona and Sugar Estate


  • Fiber splicing continues for the Virgin Islands National Park
  • Fiber spliced to Merchant’s Bank
  • Assessment crew continues to identify and report locations of fiber cuts in lines
  • Fiber work continues to restore cell site in Bethany
  • Clean up crews cleared lines and planted poles Contant – Enighed



Viya’s main Customer Service number 1-340-777-VIYA is operational. Please feel free to call Mon – Saturday, 8am – 5pm with questions regarding your billing or service. Our Customer Experience Centers are open in St. Thomas (Tutu Park) and St. Croix (Estate Diamond), Mon – Saturday, 8am – 5pm. The St. John office in Marketplace remains closed due to necessary repairs. We encourage customers to visit our website for regular updates as well as follow us on Facebook or Twitter @ViyaUSVI.


ST. THOMAS: Tap & Still, Redhook; Tutu Park Mall; Cyril E. King Airport, Airport Rd, Charlotte Amalie West; GERS Building, 3438 Kronprindsens Gade; Viya Charam Building, Kronprindsens Gade, Behind GERS building;  Crown Bay Marina, Crown Bay;  Yacht Haven Grande, Long Bay Rd, Charlotte Amalie;  Havensight, Buccaneer Mall;  Havensight, Port of Sale;  Viya Customer Experience Center, Across from Tutu Park Mall (available only during office hours);  Red Hook – Moe’s Supermerket, Facing Ferry Dock & Facing Parking Lot; Red Hook – AYH, Molly Malones & Caribbean Saloon

ST. JOHN: Cruz Bay; Pastory Area

ST. CROIX: King Street, Frederiksted; Verne I. Richards Veteran Memorial Park, Strand St., Frederiksted; Henry E. Rohlsen Airport, Christiansted; Plaza Extra East, Queen Mary Highway, Christiansted;  Plaza Extra West, Fredriksted (by front door);  Government House, Christiansted Bypass @ King Cross St., Christiansted (at security gate);  VITEMA, King St & King Cross St, Christiansted (2nd Floor);  Cost U Less, 4300 Sion Farm, Christiansted;  Laundry Time, Laundromat, 2019 Mt Welcome Rd, Christiansted;  Ancilmo D. Marshall Command Center, VIPD, Richmond, Christiansted;  Viya Customer Experience Center, 4006 Estate Diamond, Christiansted

COMING SOON! ST. CROIX:  Five Corners, Christiansted;  Sunny Isle, Christiansted;  La Grande Princesse, North Side

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