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Viya Launches New Enhanced Services: WiFi+ And TV+

In Viya’s continuing efforts to provide the optimal communication and entertainment experiences in the erritory, Viya is pleased to announce the launch of Viya WiFi+ and TV+.

Virgin Islanders are demanding more and better connectivity options. Viya has been investing in increasing its capacity and is aware of the challenges of the current situation. WiFi+, which is currently available, provides the best solution for the territory’s residential and business clients to further enhance Viya’s exemplary internet product by expanding the WiFi signal throughout the home or business for stronger, more consistent coverage.

Viya is also excited to introduce a new, 4K, fully digital TV platform for a greatly enhanced TV streaming experience: Viya TV+

Improved features include:

  • Bluetooth-enabled remote control, access to a complete Video on Demand library including New Releases. FREE Cloud DVR storage included in all of our Viya TV+ subscriptions (additional hours available for purchase); A FREE mobile app & web link for any iOS and Android device, PC or laptop. This App will not only allow subscribers to access recorded/saved programming on-the-go, but also view Live programming on favorite channels.
  • Improved guide, more channels, advanced search options and so much more.

Viya looks forward to sharing this new product which really sets us apart from other content providers.

The launch of both of these services, at a time when connectivity and entertainment are paramount, proves that Viya continues to invest in the community by providing the best technology.

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