Viya Establishes Three Communication Hubs On St. Thomas

Viya Establishes Three Communication Hubs On St. Thomas

St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix USVI – September 13, 2017
In an effort to provide communications for the community in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, Viya announced today that three communication hubs have been established on St. Thomas.

CEO Alvaro Pilar said, “We know that many residents on St. Thomas do not have access to connectivity because of the sheer volume of downed lines and the lack of power to most customers, which affects our Hybrid-Fiber Coax network. We are working very closely with our partners at VI Water and Power Authority to get both systems up as soon as possible.”

Pilar stated, “In the interim, we are doing everything within our power to provide options for our customers. Effective today, Viya is establishing Viya-Fi hotspots at three locations: Tutu Park, Havensight and Emile Griffith Park.”

Rather than merely providing traditional phone banks that will create long lines as customers wait to speak on a finite number of landlines, Viya has developed Viya-Fi hotspots that will allow over 250 people at a time to bring their device, smartphone or tablet, to the site for connectivity. Customers will be able to make voice calls, send text messages and send e-mail. By Thursday Viya will also have staff on site to provide wireless devices for those individuals that do not have one.

“We know that most customers have some type of wireless device and this is the most efficient way to serve the maximum number of people in an orderly fashion. When members of the community go to the aforementioned sites, they should log on to ViyaFi_FREE_ACCESS. All sites will have the same log-in information and you do not have to be a Viya customer to use our hotspots,” continued Pilar.
Pilar concluded, “Viya is committed to being able to provide a viable solution to assist with the community’s communication needs. We plan to add additional hubs in the future on St. Thomas and St. John.”

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