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Internet Security

Innovative recommends keeping an Internet security software installed on your computer at all times to prevent harmful and unwanted viruses.


Get covered against the latest known and unknown threats!


Viruses Phishing Attacks Social Network Threats
Spyware Identity Theft Unsafe Websites
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  • End-Point Protection software with a 12 month license from the date of purchase
  • Coverage for up to three (3) devices of your choosing (laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet)
  • Real-time anti-phishing, blocking harmful websites accessing your information
  • Firewall and network connection monitoring
  • 24/7 security for both voice and data
  • Security for PC, MAC, Android or iOS/Apple platforms
  • Account login and password protection




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For questions or concerns with your VI Security Endpoint Protection, please visit WEBROOT SUPPORT or call 866.612.4227