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How do I install Webroot software?

  • You will receive an email from VIYA with the web link and telephone number for Webroot as well as your keycode.
  • Click on the link, set up your account and enter your keycode.
  • Webroot will walk you through a very easy download and install process.

How will I know which devices, phones, PC's, tablets I have working on the license?

Remember to set up your Account when you first login. You can log in at any time to check on the status on your license, the number and actual devices currently registered.

What if I change equipment? Can I transfer the licenses?

Go to login to your account and the website will instruct you to delete a device and add a new one.

What if I have a problem with the installation? (won't download, etc.)

  • If you need additional information on how to down load your specific device, go to under the Tab marked SUPPORT, you will see INSTALLATION HELP and USER GUIDES for all devices. Click on those for HELP.
  • If you still need help, there are How-To-Videos for assistance.

What if I have to reset my PC or SmartPhone or Tablet and all my programs are deleted?

You can go to and under the SUPPORT tab on the main page and click on Re-download product. Just follow the instructions and youll be back in business!

What is Adware?

Software that shows advertisements on your end-point (computer/smartphone/tablet) and report how you use your computer.

What is an endpoint?

An endpoint is any device (PC /Desktop, MAC, smartphone, tablet) the can be connected to the internet and receive emails, call, videos, and surf the net.

What is an endpoint virus?

It infects your computer like the flu and corrupts programs and files and can even change the way your computer/device operates or causes it to stop working.

What is Phishing?

Using Spam or Malware, identity thieves steal your personal and financial information from any device or endpoint.

What is SPAM?

Unsolicited commercial or personal email. It’s also fake meat that is very popular in Hawaii.

Who should I call if I have a problem?

You can call Webroot on 866.612.4227 or you can go to and under the SUPPORT tab on the main page go to ASK A QUESTION and send the question and email.

Why do I need End-Point (device) protection software?

To protect yourself from:

  • Identity theft and personal loss
  • Unwanted emails and advertisements
  • Keep hackers away
  • Protect your investment in your technology end-points

Why is VIYA selling this product to me?

Because we are the largest technology provider in the USVI and spend our time studying things like Internet Security issues and solutions. We wanted to share our expertise and the best pricing youll find with our community and our customers.