Be Prepared!

As Irma strengthens and nears the Virgin Islands, Viya want you to know that the safety of you and your loved ones is our TOP priority. Please be sure to PREPARE yourselves and your families as soon as possible, keeping these tips in mind:

  • Stock up on water and non-perishable food items and refill prescriptions
  • Clear property or tie down any items that could become flying missiles in high winds such as lawn furniture, potted plants, and trashcans. Protect windows and glass doors. If you do not have impact resistant windows, install shutters or plywood to cover glass.
  • Fill cars with gas and check oil, water and tires. Gas pumps don’t operate without electricity.
  • Obtain sufficient cash, recognizing that banks and ATMs won’t be in operation without electricity and few stores will be able to accept credit cards or personal checks.
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