Restored Area Update

St. Thomas: Wired services have been restored to homes & businesses in the downtown area of Charlotte Amalie including nodes CHE 002-006, 008-010 as well as the Havensight area, node CHE028.
St. John: With significant resources designated specifically to the restoration of wired services in St. John, Viya has now restored two nodes in the Cruz Bay area – PST001 and 002.

Please Note: Services may come up and down during the first few days a node is activated as Viya tests each line for noise and makes any necessary adjustments to ensure optimal performance. Viya will be verifying the lines to each and every home and business once a node is turned on. Once your line passes as fully operational and optimized, Viya will automatically resume your account status as active in billing. You do not need to contact Viya unless you have moved. A Viya employee or contractor (with a Viya ID) will be stopping by each and every individual home and business to inspect the line. If we determine during this check that we will need to access inside your home or business for further repair or damage assessment, Viya will leave behind a door tag that you should fill out and post on the outside of a door or window of your home. This will let us know how best to contact you to schedule an installation appointment.

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