Node Restoration

Viya is currently working on turning on nodes in TUT 009, 028, 029, 030 and 031in the Peterborg, Mandahl, Mahgony Run, Lovelund and St. Joseph & Rosendahl areas. Viya has also brought up 2 nodes in St. John: PST 001 and 002.  If you are located in one of these areas you do not need to contact Viya at this time. Through our network equipment, Viya will be able to tell when your service is activated and will reach out to you. Unfortunately some customers within active nodes will not see their service come up while their neighbor’s might. This will depend on damage to property, equipment or internal wiring. Viya employees and contractors will soon be sweeping active nodes to identify customers whose service did not become live and will reach out to schedule installation appointments.

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