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VIYA wants to make your transition to your new home as convenient as possible. Below are some helpful tips for moving:


If relocating to a new home in the Virgin Islands there are a few tips you should make sure to follow in order to continue your VIYA service at your new location. First, we recommend notifying the Business Office either in person or by calling 340.777.Viya(8492) approximately two weeks in advance of your move. A representative will fill out a transfer service order with your new physical and/or billing address(es). Please have your account information handy.

The representative should also be able to help you set up a new installation and determine any installation fees which will be incurred. Installation fees will be dependent on the services you are transferring and the readiness of the lines at the new location.

Cable TV customers:

If transferring your cable service please make sure to bring your cable box(es) with you to your new location.

Internet/Telephone Customers:

If transferring Telephone and/or Internet service DO NOT transfer the eMTA device. This piece of equipment belongs with the residence. If there is no eMTA device already in place at the new location, one will be placed during your service installation.


If leaving island and disconnecting your VIYA service(s), please notify the Business Office either in person or by calling 340.777.Viya (8492). Please let the Customer Service Representative know the date you would like your service(s) terminated and if the final bill should be sent to a new mailing address.

Cable TV customers:

Please be sure to return any/all cable boxes to the Business Office in order to receive a refund for the equipment deposit(s). Failure to return the equipment(s) in the same condition it was issued, will result in your being billed for the replacement value of the equipment(s).

Internet/Telephone Customers:

Please DO NOT remove eMTA device from the home. The equipment should remain plugged in as-is. The service(s) will be terminated through the switch. The equipment should remain plugged in as-is.

Any questions please CONTACT US!