Important Viya Updates:

••••    Current Viya Locations and Hours of Operation:  St. John (Marketplace): NOW OPEN 8:30am – 4pm   |  St. Thomas (Tutu): 8am – 5pm, Mon – Sat  |  St. Croix (Sunny Isle): 9am – 5pm, Mon – Sat  |  St. Croix (Sunshine Mall): CLOSED
••••    All Original Innovative Wireless Customers: Please stop by a Viya Retail Store for a new SIM chip on our new 4G LTE Network as soon as possible. The swap is FREE and the old network will soon be shut down. Call 777-VIYA for more information.
••••  Viya Construction May Impact Traffic As We Work to Restore Services. ••••  ST. THOMAS ROAD WORK: Haabets Gade in Anna’s Fancy; Park Street in Demarara; Solberg Road; Crown Mountain Road above Lindberg Bay; Smith Bay Road; Mandahl Road; Watergate in Magens Bay •••• ST. CROIX ROAD WORK: Route 75 in Orange Grove East, Sion Farm; Constitution Hill Road in Beeston Hill; East End Road in Southgate and Green Cay

This page is dedicated to updates from Viya on recovery efforts in the wake of the massive blow dealt to us by Hurricanes Irma & Maria.  Viya also invites you to share your personal storm experiences and updates from your point of view around the Territory. This information may prove useful to others as as lines of communication are limited.  Please post directly to the blog or on the Viya Facebook Page using #hurricane. Thank you!

Irma Recovery Facebook Updates