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Got a need for speed? Find out all you need to know about Internet speeds, including what download and upload speeds are and how to choose the speed that is best suited for your needs. Every household is different and everyone has unique ways in which they enjoy using the Internet. Take time and educate yourself on the different speeds we offer and the best one to fit not only your? budget, but your lifestyle.

What are download and upload speeds?

On typical home broadband, upload speeds are considerably slower than download speeds, so don’t be alarmed if you
see a disparity between the two. Providers give ‘downstream’ data priority as most of us are more concerned with how
quickly we can download stuff than how long it takes us to upload files.


The speed at which information is transferred from the internet to your computer. Better download speeds mean you can get photos, music, and video from the internet faster than if you’re using a slow connection. You’ll also be able to watch films and TV shows online with fewer pauses for loading. Typical speeds are advertised by the download number.


The speed at which information is transferred from your computer to the internet. The faster the upload speed, the smoother the online experience you’ll have. Upload speeds also determine how quickly you can send emails, post photos on Facebook or upload large videos or batches of photos to sites like YouTube and Flickr.