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So Much to Love at Viya!

For a limited time, when you sign up for any Viya Internet package, receive a FREE WiFi upgrade for the first six months. Connect all the wireless Internet devices in your home with Viya’s ultra-strong built-in WiFi. Enjoy signal in every room of your house – even through concrete walls!


Don’t stress over temperamental store-bought WiFi routers. Upgrade to Viya’s built-in WiFi for only $4.99 per month and save over time. Power surges can damage  a store-bought router, but with Viya, your equipment is always protected. Our service center will be able to detect problems with your equipment and replace for no additional charge. Simply call 777-VIYA (8492) to activate this feature today!

Terms & Conditions

At the end of the three month promotional period (for new or upgrading customers), customer will automatically remain at 25Mbps and be charged full retail rate for the package unless the customer contacts Viya and requests a change of service or cancellation a minimum of 3 business days prior to 4th month after promotion start date. Offer for a limited time & cannot combined with any other promotions or offers.  Free installation is on standard installation only and does not include inside wiring

  • Customers waiting on restoration in their area who were NOT receiving Viya Internet prior to damage will grandfathered & allowed to start their 3 month promotional period at time of restoration – up until 6 months from attempted sign up. Existing Internet customers wishing to upgrade to 25Mbps, and are not restored will receive the same six month grace period for restoration.


Internet + Cable? Now that’s a match made in Heaven! Add Viya’s Cable TV service to any Internet account and get EVEN MORE Internet speed. You’ll not only get access to original  local content and quality TV programming, but we will increase your Internet speed for no extra charge.* Plus, your Cable installation will be FREE of charge. Don’t miss this great opportunity!

Terms & Conditions

Offer is for new or existing residential Internet customers adding Cable TV according to the following:

  • Customers with  6 & 12Mbps Internet may add any tier of Cable including Basic and get the next highest Internet speed for six months plus free Cable Installation.
  • Customers with  18 – 50Mbps Internet may add either Expanded or HD Plus and get the next highest Internet speed for six months plus free Cable Installation.
  • Customers with 100Mbps may add either Expanded or HD Plus and receive an Alcatel LinkZone with  6GB/mo service FREE for six months plus free Cable Installation.


  • At the end of the six month promotional period the customer will automatically be charged full rate for the increased Internet speed unless the customer notifies Viya’s customer service within in 3 business days prior to the close of the 6th month after sign up. MiFi service will terminate at the end of six months unless customers requests to continue service. If customer chooses to cancel the new Cable TV service during the 6 month promotional period, the customer will automatically be charged full rate for the boosted Internet tier or for the Viya-Connect MiFi service will be terminated. Offer may NOT be combined with any other promotion or offer. Customer will be billed as usual for selected package, including all taxes, fees, converter rental charges and deposits. Free installation is on first converter box only. Additional charges may apply for additional boxes requested in the home. Offer for a limited time only and other restrictions may apply.

Call 340-777-VIYA (8492) or Visit a Viya Store for Details!