Communication Cloud (Hosted PBX)

Communication Cloud is a cloud-based phone system that makes your employees more productive and your business run smoother. It delivers more functionality than a traditional phone system without the hassle of managing and maintaining a PBX. With Communication Cloud, you’ll get powerful features such as auto attendant, unified messaging, find-me follow-me, and call center functions. Best of all, the low-up front and monthly cost won’t break the bank.

With Communication Cloud you can take advantage of over 50 features and multiple phone models. A full featured web portal allows you to customize how your employees work. Need more? Communication Cloud includes Unified Communications features like instant messaging, video chat, and presence (co-worker status).

PRI: A Solid, Trusted Solution

When advanced digital features and superior connectivity make the top of your list, PRI trunking is the ideal solution for your business. Viya Business PRI Trunking Services allow for voice and faxing, which can be done simultaneously with reliability and call clarity. When you enhance your service with our Personal Mobility feature package, employees can work remotely with the same superior features found in the office.

SIP: Flexibility to Communicate More Effectively

SIP Trunking integrates with your premise-based SIP PBX. It’s a tailored, cost-effective voice solution with scalable features and end-user mobility options that increase productivity. SIP Trunking has the option to burst the voice trunk group, which provides temporary use of additional calling capacity as your business needs it. Plus, with Business Continuity features that can be managed online via My Viya, you can keep your business running, even during service disruptions.

PRI Specifications

Viya PRI Digital Trunk. Supports up to 23 individual voice-grade trunks and allows control of individual channels of the DS-1 pipe for PBXs, LAN gateways and host computers with: Interface of 1.544 Mbps with ISDN signaling to a PBX system, LAN or host computers.

  • Loop start
  • Ground start
  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID), Direct Outward Dialing (DOD) and Two-Way
  • Dial pulse signaling
  • Automatic Number Identification (ANI) on dedicated service
  • Dial Number Identification Service (DNIS) on dedicated service
  • Handoff interfaces of RJ48X, DB15, RS232 and RS530

SIP-Certified PBXs

Our SIP trunking services are compatible with the PBX systems listed below. If your PBX is not on this list, check with a Viya Business Representative.

Low up-front cost and predictable monthly expenses

With Communication Cloud, there are no surprises. You pay for only what you need.

Focus on your business – not your phone system

No premises-based equipment to install, maintain, or occupy space

An end-to-end secure and reliable solution

Viya delivers a high quality, reliable solution over our managed network

Superior disaster recovery solution as compared to
premises-based PBXs

Integrate your mobile device, laptop, or tablet with our downloadable apps

Make and receive calls anywhere you have an internet connection

Leverage technology

Flexible infrastructure can grow as you grow

Feature upgrades are done in the network – seamlessly

Easy management and administration

Admins and users easily control Communication Cloud from any web browser

Tailor calling features to individuals or groups

Integrate your mobile device

With Communication Cloud, your mobile phone becomes an extension of your business.

Manage your business from anywhere

Communication Cloud has powerful features for managing your business.