Viya-Connect Mobile Wi-Fi Devices Are Here!

Viya-Connect Mobile Data Devices (MiFi)

Make your appointment today to pick up your Free Alcatel LinkZone Mobile Data device. Please select your island below and choose the appointment window that’s best for you. The plan you receive will be based on your current Internet speed. You will be asked to fill out a brief form that includes a valid Viya account number (13-digit number at top right of your bill statement) and a valid email address.

New appointments will be taken beginning Tuesday, December 19th. Please select your preferred date on the calendar for your island, and then a time window of either: 8am  – 10am  |  10:30am – 12:30pm  | 1:00pm – 3pm

Appointments take an average of 30 minutes depending on volume of customers in the store.

Please note, there is no deposit required on these devices.

Alcatel LinkZone
Mobile Data Hotspot

Service & Equipment Agreement



  1. The Temporary Restoration Wireless Data Service Plan I have selected is being provided to me solely as a temporary service while Viya works to restore wired Internet service to the Territory. I acknowledge that Viya’s wired Internet service has been rendered non-operational as a result of damages caused by hurricanes Irma and Maria on September 6th and 21st of 2017, respectively. The prices and speeds outlined in my selected Temporary Restoration Wireless Data Service Plan were made available to me solely as an alternate to Viya’s Internet while it remains non-operational.
  2. Once wired Internet service has been restored and is available at my provided physical address (or physical address on current account), the following actions will ensue:
  3. Viya will attempt to contact me a minimum of three (3) times at the contact number and email address listed by me on this contract to notify me that wired Internet service is now available at my physical address.
  4. Viya will allow me thirty (30) days from the documented date of first contact attempt to respond to Viya with a decision if I would like to revert to my pre-existing wired Internet service and keep my Wireless Data Service Plan for a back-up (in which case I agree to pay for the device and service plan), or revert to my pre-existing wired Internet service and return the wireless device. Once the thirty (30) days from initial contact attempt have been reached and I decide not to keep the Wireless Data Service Plan, I understand that the Temporary Restoration Wireless Data Service Plan on my MiFi router will be terminated and the price and speed plan will be no longer valid.
  5. I have acknowledged that the contact information on this form are correct and I am able to be reached at the phone number and/or email address. Furthermore, I acknowledge that should the contacts provided in this contract be incorrect or no longer valid, it is my responsibility to contact Viya to update this information or follow up on status of wired service to my physical address.
  6. I understand that should I choose NOT to proceed with restoring or connecting to Viya’s wired Internet service once it becomes available to me, that the Temporary Restoration Wireless Data Plan will still terminate on the MiFi device thirty (30) days from when wired service was made available to me. Should Viya offer an alternate wireless data service at this time – I may opt to sign up for a NEW wireless data plan but acknowledge that the speed and price of the plan offered to me are not guaranteed as the same speed and price offered with my Temporary Restoration Wireless Data Service Plan.
  7. Viya will accept no more than one (1) Temporary Restoration Wireless Data Service plan per billing account.
  8. My Temporary Restoration Wireless Data Service Plan may be cancelled at any time without affecting my wired Internet service.
  9. I acknowledge that as Viya’s wireless network is still being fully optimized, Viya is unable to commit to perfect coverage and network performance in my specific area. Should I find the service to not be usable where I live, and have attempted relocating the device to prime areas around my home, I have 7 days (one complete week from time of purchase), to return the device without any further obligation.




In order to receive my Temporary Restoration Wireless Data Service, Viya has provided me with an Alcatel LinkZone MiFi router. The following terms and conditions will be applicable to the equipment provided:

  1. When my Temporary Restoration Wireless Data Service Plan has been terminated or if I choose to cancel this service, I will return the equipment in proper working order* to the Viya store, unless I decide to keep the Wireless Data Service as a back-up for my wired service. I will have thirty (30) days from initial contact to return the equipment. If I do not return the equipment in proper working order within those thirty (30) days, an equipment charge will be applied to my wired Internet account in the amount of $79.99.
  2. The MiFi device is not intended to be used with any other network than Viya’s and I expressly agree to not use or attempt to use the device for any such purpose.
  3. Should I be dissatisfied with the performance of the device, Viya has extended to me a 7-day grace period (one week) to return the equipment to a Viya Customer Experience Center. (*in accordance with Equipment Return Condition Policy below).

Equipment Return Condition Policy:

Equipment is expected to be returned in the same condition it was given. No device will be accepted for return that shows signs of physical damage, water damage or excessive ware & tear. Customer is held responsible for the device. If it becomes stolen, lost, or returned damaged, broken, or with missing parts Viya reserves the right to deny the return of the customer deposit.

Viya also offers 4G LTE plans and devices with hotspot capabilites.